Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Missing you. My icon.

Christmas time isn't just a time for presents, roast potatoes and watching Annie again. I find it a time for reflection, reassessing and remembering people and sad moments I've experienced... This being my take on a FASHWAN blog and all things fashion being my main perversion I'm taking the time to remember one my all time favourite designers, and I know everyone is banging on about the same fellow but Mr Lee McQueen had a special place in my little heart. I grew up admiring, adoring and relishing his collections, and this has meant that I will always adore, idolise and cherish him and his work. I loved that he was all about the showmanship and the collections being heavily researched and worthy of museum exhibitions not a life on the shop floor. I love that it was all a two finger salute to commerciality and being about the sell. So as the second anniversary of his death approaches I will take time this festive period to remember him (and many of my other icons) and his legacy. I love what Sarah Burton is doing at his house, and think that the collections are keeping his spirit alive, and moving the house on. I just keep crossing my fingers that Savage Beauty will open here soon and I can be in the same rom as some of the most wonderful, epic creations I have ever peeked at on Style.com. On a closing note, I shall always remember and relish the memory of Running straight into him and nearly knocking us both over at Dover Street Market. "Sorry darlin' " were his words to me. My heart nearly stopped with embarrassment and sheer joy that THE Alexander McQueen had SPOKE to me. Something I will never forget, not in a lifetime.
(Image courtesy of Vogue magazine)

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