Thursday, 12 January 2012

all about eve...

i am and always have been a terribly huge fan of the golden age of Hollywood...and a cliché as it may be, Marilyn Monroe has always been a little idol of mine. my mum picked up on this and one year bestowed upon me one of my most treasured posessions... Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold. quite simply one of the most alluring, stunning and marvellous photography books ever published. i love the way Arnold captured Marilyn in some of her most vulnerable and personal moments. this, along with her admirable photographic style made her one of the greatest documentary photographers of her time. It saddened me to learn that Eve passed away last week aged 99...even more so because I have never caught a retrospective of her work. i am crossing my little fingers and toes that a posthumous tribute will be held in her honour. for me she was fabulous, not only for her work with Marilyn but the way she captured and supported the civil rights movement. what a lady. RIP Eve. X

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