Thursday, 26 January 2012

London town here I come...

macaroons at laduree

an image from christian louboutin shot by phillipe gracia

her majesty the queen, lucian freud

the dream by damien hirst

I am planning an imminent trip to London in the next couple of months...I do have a secret agenda though. As well as catching up with my nearest and dearest that all danced off to the capital in pursuit of fabulous careers and exciting opportunities, there is a long list of things I'd like to go and see.

First and foremost I will be off to attend a number of exhibitions. Top of my list are not one, but two retrospectives. Now dear readers this is quite unheard of for me, as I am usually drawn more towards photography or fashion exhibits (more of that later!)
First off I am really excited to see the Lucien Freud retrospective. It is being held at my favourite gallery... The National Portrait Gallery. I love the high lofty ceilings, spacious corridors and general airiness of the gallery. I love the dark, greeting tones of his portraits. The way that he captures their still pensive faces, and that he wasn't afraid to capture flaws and insecurities.

My next choice is Damien Hirst. Now I am admittedly don't have a very broad knowledge of artists and painters, but I do have a secret soft spot for the YBAs. Mainly because I grew up with their careers developing and their work, along with some choice designers and photographers helped develop my appreciation and passion for all things creative. So I am going to be brave, poorly off to the Tate Modern and broaden my modern art mind. Also I have alwaaaaays wanted a peek of that diamond skull.

Now the third stop on my gallery tour is (drum roll please) Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum. The exhibition is a celebration of his 20 year tenure at the top of the shoe game. The exhibition is accompanied by a sumptuous book of his work photographed by Phillipe Gracia and published by Rizzoli. Now you see I am a huge fan of the man with the red soles, therefore this is a very personal choice for me. I have dreamt of sliding my tootsies into a pair of his vertiginous works of art for many years, and this exhibition will be fuel for my fashion fire. Plus I am looking forward to my first peek around the Design Museum as I have never been before, so that in itself will be an experience.

Lastly I will be cruising round the capital with a wish list of things to do... i thought i would let you in on them...

  1. Maccaroons at Laduree.
  2. Cruise by Marc by Marc Jacobs on Mount Street (the Jacobs line of cheap treats is amazing...)
  3. Liberty. Enough said!
  4. Lucy in Disguise...I'm still yet to visit.
  5. Covent Garden and Brick Lane for vintage fun.
  6. Selfridges... just because.
  7. Browns, Browns Focus and the shoe shop too!
  8. Start boutique.
  9. the hummingbird bakery and ella's bakehouse...for cake related fun.
  10. Cruise tacky gift shops for silly trinkets... it's tradition!

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