Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

As the festive period comes to an end the new year creeps up on me I have a little habit of reflecting on the year gone by and start reflecting and thinking about little tweaks and improvements I'd like to make on the way I live my life. I don't like making so called "resolutions." They get forgotten about or given up just like my vow to never eat another mince pie or half a tin of Quality Street. I prefer to set myself goals if I want to achieve anything big, and I therefore set time limits on these. Then I think of little things I need to improve about myself. Last year I vowed to be a better friend and wear more dresses. I feel that by the time ripped open my Christmas pressies I had worked on these traits hard. I set a lot more time aside for my BFFs and anyone I regard highly enough to call a friend. As for the dresses my wardrobe is bursting and day-to-day I wear little else.

Now for 2012...
This year I have a few things I am planning to work on.

1. Sort my life out!
This may sound quite dramatic but it is the most personal. I have spent the past 3 years since I graduated from university working (hard!) in luxury retail. However I do day dream about where I want to be in years to that's where pins and needles came in. It's my first step on my little career step ladder. This year will be spent mostly carving out a place for myself in this world and the results will be documented here I can assure you. So watch this space... I'm gonna take over the world! Mwahahaha !

2. The weighty issue...
Last year I found myself (after many months of boy induced happiness) heavier than I had ever been. This topic has always been a sensitive one for me. I spent much of 2011 working hard and being chased around and shouted at by my lovely Slovakian trainer. I did well! The next year is about hopping on my Pashley and hitting the gym to get the body I deserve....

3. Lady this, Lady that
Inspired by the lovely pastel shaded, fifties inspired, fripperies of ladylike loveliness that is the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk shows I have decided to make the biggest change of all. Now I'm no tomboy or anything but I'm no etiquette trained lady robot either. As I've gotten older I have become frightfully more aware of myself and have decided to spend much of this year improving my general decorum. So no more potty mouth, and speaking more eloquently.

I shall keep you posted...


  1. I love personal posts. Really well written! Here's to 2012! S.x x

  2. thank you my too!it's why i love your blog...and yes!here is to 2012! xx