Thursday, 12 January 2012

when i grow up...

Celine S/S 12

Since setting my new years resolutions, one of them has been in my thoughts more than others. The resolution in question is my quest to become a lady, thus leading to think about myself from a sartorial perspective. Now for many years I have been very eclectic and am always first in line for bright colours, clashing prints and lashings of vintage. However in the past year or so things have changed. I have found myself more driven towards a more minimal and chic aesthetic...I am still heavily draped in ghetto gold and rings galore but in terms of my outfits I feel more polished and less bag lady. I still feel eclectic and that I do occasionally look a bit cray cray...but that there is always an element of elegance to my outfit. Be it a blouse, accessory, cut of a trouser or the fit of a dress.

My main lady lady inspiration is Phoebe Philo for Céline. I love every aspect of her collections, and the SS12 one in particular has inspired my plans for my little new year me quest. I love the louche, relaxed tailoring. I love the simple, oversized silhouettes mixed with bright colour and sumptuous florals. Not only would I sell my little soul (and clothing collection) for a little piece of the darling Céline collections, but the accessories collections are very moi as well. Therefore I have decided when I grow up I will be the Céline girl. Even if I can't afford to be.

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