Monday, 20 February 2012

The New Girl

The Mulberry Del Rey

My BFF presented me with my belated Christmas gifts this weekend just gone...they consisted of Ab Fab series 1,2,4 and 5 (three was sold out and I am owed it) and an iTunes gift card. The gift card is a particular treat because after I fritter away my pennies on clothes, accessories and fancy schmancy cosmetics I rarely have enough left for musical treats.

Well enough babbling and explaining... My star purchase was Born to Die by the utterly delicious Lana Del Rey. The record is ethereal, eery, dreamy, delightful and almost haunting. To say I love it is a vast understatement.
It seems like I'm not the only one that has fallen for her charm, you see from the utterly wonderful Mulberry A/W 12 offerings it seems that creative director Emma Hill has fallen for her too. On her quest to create the next Alexa the lady spearheading the accessories super brand has designed the structured, top handled Del Rey (she comes in teal, oxblood, oak and black. a custom white ostrich was given to Lana). Boy oh boy it's pretty! It seems that Hill isn't her only fashwan fan... The one and only Mr Chanel a.k.a Karl Lagerfeld has been singing her praises too. After an Internet backlash against Lizzie Grant's exotic alter ago Lana Del Rey...accusing her of lip filling, a manufactured siren created by A&R svengalis, and being talentless it seems that as usual the fashion world doesn't care. It has discovered a new darling, and I for one cannot be happier. You see we are all born to die, just some of us are born to be fabulous and have a Mulberry bag named after us. All hail the Del Rey! In every sense of the phrase...

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