Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paper or plastic?

Sometimes the most simple things in life can be the most wonderful... and can bring you the most pleasure so I hear. Well, for Raf Simons' last Jil Sander collections he did nothing but make an impact and has created some of the most coveted and marvellous pieces and people have been clamouring to get a piece of history... For the men's collection Simons decided to monopolise on life's simple pleasures by selling one of them... the brown paper lunch bag. Created in coated re-renforced paper, stamped with the brand logo and stitched together... oh and there are little air holes just in case you wish to carry a little mouse or tiny dog around in there (so you don't feel like you are being short changed and proof it is very good quality) so it is functional and not just a paper bag and a way of justifying the price... because wait for it... it retails at £185! Now in fashion speak that is a bargain for a designer bag, scandalously cheap even, however this bag isn't made of your usual lamb/calf/goat/buffalo/python/croc so it can't command an eye watering price... it is however paper, and I have been spending the past week figuring out whether it is worth... well the rest of the world does! It has sold out globally!!!! I know, that many people think the humble paper bag is worth that much. Well in girl terms I think it is, it'd make a so-cool-its-a-bit-try-hard clutch, however you could run the risk of looking super poor (but actually totally clued up and super fashwan fabulous) to the naked eye and folk might stare for ll the wrong reasons too.

If you love the shape but can't justify nearly 200 bangers on a bag Celine (my all time fave brand) have just showcased some beautiful, ever so glossy LEATHER clutches in a very similar shape which would look lovely dangled casually or tucked under your arm like the army of super bitches that stalked the Victoria Beckham runway for a/w 12. 

Back to the case in hand and my verdict, I sadly am a super fashion pervert and think that the price is justified for what will be one of the most iconic, well remembered shows in recent fashion history as the shock departure collections of Raf Simons at Jil Sander, so I would consider it greatly, plus if you felt silly you could re-sell it and make a disgusting profit no doubt, seeing as the item is super sought after and I am sure many an empty handed fashion editor will be trying to pull some PR strings to get one as I write. So, sensible amongst you, I apologise for being such a fashion hag, but I so would...

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