Thursday, 22 November 2012

I say essential, you say frivolous...

The Haul...

Snoods, £9.99 each, H&M

Hand cream, l'Occitane, £18.50 (they do a baby
tube for £8 too)

Necklace, £12.99, H&M

  I am never one to do a haul post or any of that  but I do like to share my opinions on things I deem, errmmmm... a MUST purchase from time to time alongside my innermost fashion pervings. I do like to mis things up and keep y'all on your toes etc etc... So "to the point!" I hear you cry... Anyway the Mothersip did her monthly pilgrimage to see me on Saturday, and after we lunched liked ladies (I had a yummy burger and she laughed because I refused to eat the bun) I took her for the obligatory tea and cake. Over pecan pie and Vicky sponge she tossed 60 quid at me and told me to spend as I liked because she couldn't be arsed taking me shopping but promised a proper haul after Christmas. Bless her. After I walked her to her train I trotted off to spend my pennies and cheer myself up as I'm poor until payday and sadly retail therapy is always therapy to me... Something I recon the old Bank Manager wishes I'd swap for yoga or something much less costly and equally relaxing.

  So back to the penny bashing... I'd skipped into H&M the previous evening and seen a few "payday pervs" that I thought I could now get my grubby little mitts on.
I am obsessed with snoods and have added the lilac and peppermint to my collection, and have already spied two more from Topshop I feel I need! Uh oh! Anyway I loved these cute pastel ones and decided I needed both colours to clash with my obligatory dark autumnal palette. I love that they are twisted as opposed to a boring old tube snood shape and felt this was most definitely their USP! Yes I'm just making up random reasons to explain my frivolity...

  Next up is the 20% Shea Butter hand cream from L'Occitane... A friend tweeted a picture of the rose one and praised it muchly, so I thought I'd invest. I hate the whiff of rise and due to sadly being the sufferer of contact dermatitis AND eczema (both mild-ish) on my hands which is flared by perfumed things I opted for the Shea butter flavour/variety. So far it's been gorgeous and I've noticed a change already... Also I'm sadly a sucker for a fancy bit of packaging and the metal tube sold it me! Sorry I'm lame and have been known to buy about a million different things in supermarkets and cosmetics halls when I went in for one thing. So aside from the packaging, price doesn't deter me with hand creams because I have suffered with this for ages now and I am willing to pay whatever I have to in order to have hands free from flaky, dry and sore skin... I have tried quite a few and this one is floating my boat at the moment.

  Last but most definitely not least is my addiction to statement jewellery, mainly necklaces, collars and chokers. The newest addition to my groaning vanity table is this art deco-esque bejewelled little treasure. It cost more than I would usually ever spend on a high street bauble, especially in H&M which is usually super cheap for accessories but I couldn't say no to this. It packs such a punch I recon David Haye could get a little dizzy from it, and that is the statement I always intend to make with an accessory, especially if feeling tired/lazy/unhappy with my wardrobe and looking uncharacteristically minimal... I like pieces that can detract from the lack of effort I have put into my sartorial choices that morning. I saw quite a few other pieces while I was indulging so I think this necklace will have a few friend come this weekend after I get paid.

  For me accessories maketh the man, and the outfit! I am never shy of investing and that is why I think of them as essential to my wardrobe, they can make the plainest of tee shirts or white shirts go from blah to fabulous in an instant. They never fail to add edge and a bit of a twist to proceedings, and that is why I deem them as essential to my wardrobe as say, underwear or hosiery or the clothes themselves! On the other hand, they may well be a frivolity but we all need cheering up in the winter months...

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