Friday, 22 February 2013

Commes des Carrés

Circuit 24 Faubourg gingham

Couverture et Tenues du Jour


Giant Patchwork


So... Two of my all time favourite brands have decided to make sex and produce a FASHWAN-tabulous collaboration baby in the name of Commes de Carrés... The brainchild and much anticipated collaboration between Commes des Garçons and Hermès. The Japanese powerhouse masterminded by Rei Kawakubo have done the unthinkable and produced a collection of scarves with the French super brand. Hermès silk scarves are beautiful, detailed and extremely traditional in design. Much of the prints are centred around the brand's equestrian heritage and involve horses and equine tack as well as uniform details. In true Commes fashion the designs have been spliced with geometric overlays and childlike scrawling and doodles... Some stuffy types may say it's defacing a classic... I call it sheer, utter genius. Of late Hermès have become one of the most desired brands like EVER! Be it the sky high prices or the fact it's so exclusive being a Birkin owner is like being in a secret club. Handbags once associated with the super rich and super classic are now carried by hipsters, WAGs and celebs alike.... I think the collaboration is one of the cleverest and unexpected I have ever seen. One of France's most adored and revered houses teaming with the darling of the super-cool Commes des Garçons.... A teaming that I would never expect or imagine to happen, it'd be like Lindsay Lohan taking over the helm at Chanel or Lady Gaga collabing with MaxMara, and exactly why it's uber genius. I don't think I could have loved either brand any more. C'est parfait!

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