Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Get your Wang out!!

Oh Alexander Wang how I adore thee! From the reviews I have perused the theme of the show was boxing and it was set to 'Eye of the Tiger' of Rocky III fame, and boy did it show that Monsieur Wang was up for a fight, I have no idea if this was in reference to his recent appointment as Creative Director of Balenciaga, but if it was, GOOD! He proved he is more than capable of the job, and that he will be fighting to prove it. As always the Wang show had to have some kind f 'sports-luxe' connotation as that is what he has become known for, and what he excels at. Not onlt that but sex (and sexy sporty) sells and Wang is known to be a commercial success, and I imagine a reason why PPR decided on his Royal Wang-ness for the top job, because as we know it's a recession and every Euro counts in this game.

Anyways, back to the subject in hand... Wang did a bit of an updated notion of his usual sporty aesthetic with slick lines and wee bit of tailoring for good measure, the necklines were low and the silhouettes sultry and edgy. My favourite part were the elbow length fur gloves! Oh and the mitten versions too... It was like Rocky for the super rich. The palette was subdued as always for Wang but he messed 9very beautifully) with different textures and made brushed mohair look like fur and dipped sequins in strange paint to make them look other-worldly and iridescent. The overblown shoulders and dropped waists of the outerwear offering had a chic and edgy feel to them, which is good to see from the usually tailored NYFW. I loved that he mixed buttery leathers with the aforementioned mohair-fur (mofur anyone?!) to create strange texture mash-ups. the ever androgynous cuts of the day wear on offer was a gorgeous alternative to the smart tailored look that most of New York has offered so far...

If I was to take up boxing I'd be top to toe Wang all the way. Another Wang-tastic triumph if you ask me... Roll on Paris, I cannot wait to see what he dishes up a the house that Cristobal built.

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