Thursday, 21 February 2013

London I love you...

I always love a bit of Roksanda, and so do the reams of WAGs, politico wives and celebs because she designs for women, and herself she says... I got the feeling this season she has either had a bit of a style overhaul or she fancied a change, whatever it was I liked it. Roksanda Ilincic usually shows dress heavy collections, structured and sculptural with the right amount of minimal and cool. This was a rfereshing change, filled with pieces I recon a whole lotta women would want to wear. There was lashings of baby pink latex that added a quirky edge to the usually chic designer's offerings. I like the sculpted midi lengths that puffed out from sinewy waists, a look usually au fait with Raf Simons and the like... I liked the plasticcy textures and OOOHHHH the furry collars!!! I loved the green coat that appeared to have a ginger moustache reticent of something from The Muppets. It was delightful.

Oh Mr Bailey! Like cheese you get better with age... This season he wanted to reflect a play on classics and how much he loves the old wardrobe faithfuls. I'm sure there were many other more complicated themes and whatnot at play, but I thought it was rather smashing. I loved that for a house so steeped in history and heritage Bailey found the time to revamp Burberry's classic trench, and tis season it involved latex and lots of it. I especially liked the see through pencil skirt flashing heart printed knickers. The classic pencil was reworked again in the shape of python and striped silk with cute fluffy jumpers peeking out. And the pony skin!!!! I couldn't work out whether I preferred it printed with love hearts or animal prints... I recon I could live with both in my wardrobe! Be still me beating heart Bailey, you served up a blinder this season... If this is his idea of a classic (and we all know your wardrobe should be filled with them) I would drape myself in it top to toe. 

Erdem collections are usually resplendent with colour, and this season he offered up a new dark and haunting take on proceedings... Erdem has become synonymous with his use of print, florals and lace as well as intricate and beautiful embellishments, it seemed that for AW13 he has gone in a a similar direction but with much darker undertones. The lace was delicate and sheer but undoubtedly BLACK! he has paillettes, feathers and beading but with a distinct lack of colour, I think he did the shade justice. Erdem did black in a delicate, chic and as always utterly elegant way. i loved the flashes of pale pink, yellow and his signature florals, but all of it had dark and deep undertones which I adored. I love that he wholeheartedly embraced the trend for sheers that has carried on from last season, and he did it in the most chic and non-slutty way, and still managing to make it ultra sexy and alluring without baring too much. It almost felt like his garden had died. Utterly, eerily beautiful.

Ohhhhhh Giles! Definitely last but by no means LEAST... God I love this fella!!! this show was typical Giles Deacon, I loved that he presented a collective of gorgeous zombie girls who all looked amazing despite being a bit dead looking. The beanies!!!! Oh my, where do I get one of those bad boys. I wish I could have included it all, you must go and look, my little collection don't do it justice. I love that Kristen McMenamy (the super super) opened and closed... I loved that it was haunting, stunning and just wonderful. Giles touched on many different things and brought it all together in a stunning offering. As ever heavy on the textures, embellishment and ohhhh the GOLD! I just simply loved it all, he encapsulated London perfectly. The slouchy beanies with the utterly enchanting gowns. Just perfect.

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