Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sugar Kane

Be still my beating heart, how I love you Mr Kane. Christopher Kane and PPR is a match made in fashion shagging heaven, I just loved it. Damn. After finishing off his last Frankenstein inspired collection with a human brain, he followed it on with this collection that intended to represent a brain fizzing with creativity. I have no idea what it means, but I loved it. I get the impression that with the camp print, patchwork gossamer squares layered upon each other and the flowers and rosettes of collections past it was a delving into his archive.

Some may say this was him kissing goodbye to the old and saying hello to a new luxury era, the input of luxury conglomerate PPR was evident with the lashings of fur and a look heavy collection. whatever, it is a positive input from my opinion. Don't get me wrong his life may now be more driven by targets and profit, but any monetary investment can only mean good things for a fledgling London boy. Kane isn't short of stockists or fans, but this just means he can be taken to a broader audience and can produce product without the constraints of smaller budgets. I am a big lover of Kane, so knowing that he can carry on and only grow is music to my little ears. Plus with Donatella as one of your biggest fans things can only be good. 

Back to the collection, and all I can say is I flaming well loved it. It was dark, haunting and sexy all at the same time. So what if he was saying goodbye to his past, that can only mean the future, and I predict for Kane it will be rosy. I would quite like a camo kilt, and a dress that looks to be made of curtain ties and rope. It was London boy at its best... Edgy, cool and sure to be a hit with the editors. And he picked up on one of the biggest upcoming print trends (CAMO) to please the commercially led big boys at PPR. 

Long live Christopher Kane. 

images courtesy of style.com

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