Thursday, 7 March 2013

And so to bed...

Oh Marcy Marc!!! How my heart beats for you and your Louis Vuitton collections... They are usually the sign of a season that is to come, and if Marc Jacobs has his own way we will all be dressing for bed, and not in a saggy pyjamas and dressing gown way either. The collection that was shown at Louis Vuitton this Paris Fashion Week was the coolest way to wear what's for bed in the day, there were negligĂ©es draped in fur and two pieces made of crocodile. There were lashings of the most sumptuous of fabrics... velvet, silks and fur. There were cute little ditsy florals and the finest of lace, that hung in such a slinky way. I know you aren't meant to dress like you are slinking from hotel room to bar publicly, but this Louis Vuitton show has made me want to. I want to act like a wanton sex goddess, one that is aware of her very fabulous and very sexual being. I want to do it in fur. 

Long live King Marc! May he forever influence all that we wear... Even if that is glorified, overpriced pyjamas... Sorry if I haven't written much, I'm busy working out how I can make wearing my pyjamas in chilly old Manchester. Without being sectioned. 

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